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St. Peters Church, Market Place

St. Peter's Church in Market Hill

Buildings of the month
Belle Vue House
Fire September 2015 in Market Hill & Friar Street
Market Hill

This slide show below, shows the buildings as they were in the past and the some shots of the devastation caused by the fire. Also included is rough drawing giving the dates of when they were built. You will be able to pause at anytime and restart the sequence.

Sudbury History Society would like to express their sadness to all those who have lost homes and livelyhood, but also give thanks to the Fire Service for all their hard work in dealing with a difficult situation.



Belle Vue House 1820. (featured January to April 2008)


It was built by Nathaniel Burrough, a retired city grocer and cousin of Thomas Gainsborough the painter. Sadly the house was demolished in the 19th c and replaced by another, will this one now be demolished?


Photo shows general view of the large crowd gathered in Market Hill during Gen. Dawes speech in the town square of Sudbury in 1928.

Market Hill being used as it should be, and kept as an important open space for functions and the surrounding buildings around the square can be viewed & enjoyed in all their glory as it was designed many years ago.

Not so much a building but a very another important open space, at the Societies recent AGM the view was that no alterations should take place in Market Hill until the Town's through traffic problems were sorted out. It was generally felt that insufficient appreciation of the unique and historic character of the Hill was evident in the proposals. Most suggestions for the disposal of the available cash were directed towards the improvement of the Town Centre Bus Station and its facilities. NINETY SEVEN MEMBERS WERE PRESENT.

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