St. Gregory's Church
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St Gregory's

The 1553 inventory gives a Sanctus bell and five great bells.
Now there are eight bells. The Sanctus bell may have been melted down to make the additional bells
Seven of the bells, treble to the 7th cast by T Mears London 1821.
The tenor cast by Pack and Chapman London 1774.
The five pre-reformation bells most certainly have been recast to make the existing bells. Possibly twice maybe a Sudbury founder did a recasting only to be followed by T Mears in 1821

All Saints

The 1553 inventory gives a Sanctus bell and three great bells. The three pre-reformation bells are still in use, the Sanctus bell may have been used for additional bell metal when new bells were cast.
Treble and second cast by John Warner London 1876.
Third Henry Pleasant Sudbury 1701 (Click here to see this bell)
Fourth Miles Gray Colchester 1671
Fifth Sancta KaterinaOra Pro Noblis pre 1538
Sixth Sum Rofa Pulfata Mundi Maria Tocata pre 1538
Seventh Stella Maria Maris Sucurre Pussima Nobilis pre 1538 reputed as the oldest bell of the three pre-reformation bells
Tenor Recast by John Warner 1875 from the bell of Stephan Toni cast in 1576. Stephan Toni was a noted bell founder of Bury St Edmunds.

St Peter'sNot a St. Peter's bell

The 1553 inventory gives five great bells but no mention of a Sanctus bell. Two of the five great bells have gone, may well have been recast into later bells.
Treble To commemorates the Queens Silver Jubilee, provided by Peter A Taylor in memory of his mother Clara Ann Taylor 1897-1959. Whitechaple Bell Foundry London 1978 Weight 5 cwt 18 lb.
Second The gift of the East Anglian Artists commemorating the 250th anniversary of Thomas Gainsborough's birth in 1727. Whitechapel Bell Foundry London 1978 - Weight 5 cwt 37 lb.
Third John Warner & Sons London 1874 - Weight 4 cwt 110 lb.
Fourth John Warner & Sons London 1874 - Weight 5 cwt 24 lb.
Fifth John Darbie made in 1662 Ipswich - Weight 5 cwt 92 lb.
Sixth James Edbury, 1605 . RB. IS. RS. IW. RF. RB. TB. RB. WB. IC. EC -Weight 6 cwt 79 lb. (James Edbury, Bury St Edmunds).
Seventh Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum. Kebyll of London. circa 1480 - Weight 8 cwt 100lb.
Eighth In Multis Annis Refonet Campana Johannis. Kebyll of London. circa 1480. Weight 12 cwt 251b.
Ninth Miles Gray made me 1641 - Weight 14 cwt 53lb
Tenor Intonat e Celis Vox Campane Michaelis. Kebyll. London circa 1480 - Weight 20 cwt 481b

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