Origins of Sudbury Street Names

The Sudbury History Society’s chairman Barry Wall is among local historians who have collaborated in the publication of a new book that tells the fascinating histories of Sudbury street names.

What’s in a name? Origins of Sudbury Street Names is by veteran local historian Anthony Wheeler and based on research he has used in the past for his lively talks.

It seemed that his research could be lost, as his only written record were cards he used as a memory prompt. Sudbury Museum Trust took up the challenge and the result is the new book with extended research by Society member Valerie Herbert, help from Barry and fellow local historian David Burnett.

Designed by Robin Drury, it is a modest book but every page is illustrated. It solves several puzzles such as how did the bus station come to be called Hamilton Road, the location of King Edward’s Avenue and why one street has only one house.

It can be purchased in Sudbury from Gainsborough’s House and the Tourist Information Office in the Town Hall.

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