October 2022 Meeting

The Green Man:

A Talk by Roger Green on 12th October 2022.

Roger began with exploring the colour Green and its associations: the Village Green, the Green Man, the colour of Ireland, Green Foliage, Nature, Spring, fertility and new life.

He also mentioned negative elements, e.g. “green with envy” and historical references such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Roger pointed out that East Anglia has examples of Green Men, many found in churches. In Sudbury, green men are in wooden or stone carvings and ceiling bosses in St Gregory’s, St Peter’s and All Saints churches.

A very interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking talk from Roger and we hope he will return to give us another of his excellent talks.

The photo shows the Green Man ceiling boss in the north aisle of St Gregory’s Church, Sudbury.

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