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I was wondering if you may be able to identify a church which is in an old painting which I have. The frame has painted on it Near Sudbury – T Gainsbrough under that. I have had the painted appriased and of course they say it is not by ‘ the ‘ T Gainsbrough but I would like to know where the church is located. To be honest I think the landscape looks a little Italian or continental in nature. I live in Leeds so have no knowledge of the Sudbury area although it is a place I would love to visit sometime. I have looked on the internet and the only church the painting seems to resemble is St Mary’s at Great Henny but the spire is a little shorter and the church is situtated right next to a river. Of course the path of rivers can change over time and the painting is very old whoever painted it. Anyway I would love to know the location of the church and thought you may be the best people to ask.

Kris Patterson

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