A Trip to Peckover House

A Trip to Peckover House
September 2023

We set off from Sudbury and had a pleasant drive through the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire countryside. We arrived in Wisbech near Peterborough about an hour and a half later. Wisbech was buzzing because the Wisbech Fair was on in town.

Peckover House is located by the River Nene alongside a line of elegant Georgian houses. In the photo, it is the last house on the left. We were welcomed enthusiastically by several National Trust volunteers and were given a comprehensive tour of the house. Built in 1722, the interior has fine reception rooms with elaborate carved and plaster decorations.

We learnt about the family who owned the house: Jonathan and Alexander Peckover. Jonathan moved to Wisbech in 1777 as a grocer. The Peckovers were a staunch Quaker family and owning a safe, they also looked after customers’ money. This side of the business was so successful that they bought Peckover House and ran a bank which was eventually amalgamated into Barclays Bank. The Peckover family travelled extensively and also provided many philanthropic gifts to the town.

The garden was delightful with interesting plants, a Victorian walled garden and an orangery. Peckover House was given to National Trust in 1943. We had a very enjoyable day and decided it was necessary to make a return visit.

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