Trip to Sutton Hoo on 21st July 2023

We set off from Sudbury bus station in the patchy sunshine and had a pleasant ride through the Suffolk countryside arriving an hour later at our destination of Sutton Hoo, site of England’s greatest Anglo-Saxon treasure.

We were welcomed by 3 National Trust volunteers and were each given a leaflet with a map and details of the site. It was recommended we visit Tranmer House first, home of Edith Pretty, who initiated the Sutton Hoo excavations in 1938. There were excellent displays and films in Tranmer House, putting the archaeological dig and finds into their historical context with newspaper clippings from that time and information boards showing their national significance – and lots of comfy chairs provided !

Guided tours were available to the Royal Burial Ground. We climbed the 81 steps up the Viewing Tower and the burial mounds were much more clearly visible from above. The edges of the King’s Mound, the Great Ship Burial, where, in 7th Century AD, they believe the Anglo Saxon King Raedwald may have been buried, are marked by 2 metal arrows.

The High Hall Exhibition shows replicas of the treasures found in the mounds and the café provided welcome refreshment.

In the afternoon, we stopped off in Woodbridge where we could look around at our leisure. Our treasurer, Ann, gave us a very informative Woodbridge Town Trail which we could follow to view and learn about the quaint and ancient buildings in Woodbridge – we even found a violin shop. A most enjoyable and informative outing.

Photos from the viewing tower

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